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Etats-Unis, Rhode Island, Providence, 1 juin 2012..Portrait d'un stagiaire en formation, effectuant des reparations moteurs et ayant la charge de former l'equipe a ces manipulations, chez A&P Auto...A Providence, le « MET » (Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center) permet a des etudiants en reinsertion, de developper competences scolaires et professionnelles. En immersion dans des entreprises du reseau Big Picture Learning une partie de la semaine, ils developpent centres d'interet et passions en petits effectifs, le reste du temps...United States, Rhode Island, Providence, June 1st, 2012..Portrait of a vocational trainee doing car repairs and being in charge to form the team to these manipulations,  for A & P Auto...In Providence, the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (MET) allows students who couldn't enter the American mainstream education system to develop academic and professional skills. Immersed part of the week in a workplace, as part of the Big Picture Learning program, they spend the rest of the time in smaller groups where they have a chance to identify interests and passions..