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Turkey, Istanbul, Besiktas District, Barbaros Square, October 6, 2012
A teenage boy skateboards in Barbaros Square, a popular skating destination on the Bosphorus. In the Square, just next to the Istanbul Naval Museum, is a monument in honor of Hayreddin Barbarossa (Redbeard), a renowned Ottoman fleet admiral. However, in his early life, Barbarossa was a Barbary pirate who ravaged the sea. Later, as an admiral, he built a great Ottoman navy that gained supremacy in the Mediterranean, solidified by the Preveza Victory in 1538 against the Christian Alliance (Venice, Spain and Portugal, under the leadership of the Papacy and Pope Paul III). 
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Turquie, Istanbul, District Besiktas, Square Barbaros, 6 octobre 2012
A adolescent fait du skate dans Barbaros Square, destination populaire sur le Bosphore. Sur la place, juste a cote du Musee naval d'Istanbul, un monument se dresse en l'honneur de Khayr ad-Din Barberousse, celebre amiral de la flotte ottomane. Jeune, Barbarossa etait un pirate.Plus tard, devenu amiral, il a bati une grande flotte ottomane et gagne la suprematie en Mediterranee, solidifie par la victoire de Preveza en 1538 contre l'Alliance chretienne (Venise, l'Espagne et le Portugal, sous la direction de la papaute et du pape Paul III).