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Turkey, Istanbul, Ortakoy District, Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, October 5, 2012
The view of the Ortakoy district from the Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel. Local fishermen in a small boat, fish on the Bosphorus early in the morning. 
Ortakoy (meaning Middle Village), is a trendy, cosmopolitan district located on the European side of Istanbul on the Bosphorus Strait. The development of Ortakoy began in the 16th century under the rule of the Ottoman Sultan; Suleiman the Magnificent. The Ortakoy district was historically a small fishing village, known for its diverse community of people from different religious backgrounds. As a result, there are many religious buildings and places of worship in Ortakoy, including the famous Ortakoy mosque. 
The Bosphorus, also referred to as the Istanbul Strait, forms the boundary between the European and the Asian sides of Turkey. At 32 kilometers (20 miles) long, the Bosphorus joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea in Istanbul. <br />
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Turquie, Istanbul, District d'Ortakoy, Hotel Radisson Blu Bosphorus, 5 octobre 2012
Vue de l'hotel Radisson Blu Bosphorus sur le district d'Ortakoy : un pecheur local peche aux premieres heures du jour, dans une petite embarcation. 
Ortakoy (signifiant Village Moyen), est un quartier branche et cosmopolite situe sur la rive europeenne d'Istanbul sur le detroit du Bosphore. Son developpement a commence au 16eme siecle sous le regne du sultan ottoman Soliman le Magnifique. Le quartier etait historiquement un petit village de pecheurs, connu pour sa  communaute issue de differentes origines religieuses. Il y a donc beaucoup de bâtiments religieux et de lieux de culte dans Ortakoy, y compris la celebre mosquee d'Ortakoy.<br />
Le Bosphore, egalement designe comme le detroit d'Istanbul, forme la frontiere entre l'Asie et les cotes de la Turquie europeenne. De 32 km (20 milles) de long, le Bosphore relie la mer de Marmara a la mer Noire a Istanbul.