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Inner Mongolia, Xilingol Meng, East Ujimqin Qi, Alatanheli Sumu, Ayinhangai Gacha, March 2008.Wuniribatu (age 32) and his family...Wunibaritu used to be a hard-working herder. Facing the desertification threat to animal husbandry, and with the impact of market economy, he is compelled to leave the pastoral area to enter the cities. Nowadays he is a taxi driver in Xilinhaote City..Wunibaritu is famous in Bayinhangai Gacha for his hard work and endurance. After he got married, he left his brother to live on his own, dreaming to become rich through heavy labour and enjoy life with his family. After several years of diligent work, his livestock has expanded, the sheep quantity increased from the original 100 to a total of 216 in 2003. However that success in numbers hardly increased his income; become the grassland desertification problem in Bayinhangai Gacha was rather severe, the local sheep were too skinny, and buyers refused to purchase them, considering their meat not as tasty as fatter sheep from less desertified pastoral regions. In 2005, the desertifying situation became aggravated, and the production cost of a sheep flock exceeded the final income. Afterwards, in mi-May, 2006, a disastrous sand storm devastated the are during 3 days, 56 sheep as he wished, then bought a minibus and started to work as a taxi driver in Xilinhaote City.