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Azerbaijan, Road between Khojaly (Xocali) and Aghdam, March 1992<br />
After the Khojaly massacre, the International Red Cross organized a local cease-fire to allow both sides to exchange prisoners and to enable the Red Cross to return the corpses of Azerbaijanis killed in Khojaly to the people who survived the massacre and took refuge in the neighboring town of Aghdam.Armenian prisoners, who were held by Azerbaijanis, wait to be transported back to Armenian territory.<br />
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Azerbaidjan, Route entre Khodjali (Xocali) et Aghdam, Mars 1992 <br />
Apres le massacre de Khodjali, la Croix-Rouge internationale a organise un cessez-le-feu local pour permettre a la Croix Rouge de rendre les corps des Azerbaidjanais morts a Khodjali a ceux qui ont survecu au massacre et qui ont trouve refuge dans la ville voisine d’Aghdam.Des prisonniers armeniens detenus par les Azerbaidjanais attendent d’etre transportes en territoire armenien.