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Inner Mongolia, Xilingol Meng, East Ujimqin Qi, Daotecuo'er Town, Bayintuga Gacha, March 2007.Aotegen (age 70) and Sema (age 58)...Aotegen (right) and her cousin Sema are photographed holding sculptures of the Five Animals in their hands..The nomadic Mongolians' symbolic Five Animals are the camel, horse, ox, sheep and goat..The origin and evolution of the Mongolian traditional animals interact with the long-term evolution of the ecological environment of the Mongolian plateau grasslands, and are closely related to the modes of production, living customs and cultural preferences, as well as the socio-political, economic and military systems of the Mongolian people. Nomadic Mongolians have domesticated the animals, and have always depended on them to build a better life. Even though many of them have changed their way of living in livestock farms by entering industrial cities, the Five Animals will still remain important to them. .Over 40 countries in the world are engaged in grassland animal husbandry, among which the majority choose 2 to 3 different animals for stock breeding. By contrast, only nomadic Mongolians have combined 5 kinds of animals, obtaining the most benefits from all species which provide excellent diversity for livestock farming..