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Egypt. Tanis. 1996. View by night of the monumental door of Amon's great temple in Tanis. Light effects on the tourists and statues silhouettes. Ramses II (baptised by the inhabitants, Hakamoun) is easily identifiable as well as the triad Horakhti-Re, Ramses and Ptah made of pink granite. These statues were patiently reconstituted from pieces found on the site. .Egypte. Tanis. 1996. Vue de nuit de la porte monumentale du Grand temple d'Amon a Tanis. Jeu de lumiere sur les silhouettes des touristes et celles des statues. On reconnait le colosse de Ramses II (baptise par les habitants Hakamoun) et au centre, faite de granit rose, la triade Horakhti-Re, Ramses et Ptah. Ces statues furent patiemment reconstituees a partir des morceaux retrouves sur le site.