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Iran. Tehran. June 15, 2009. Entrance of the University of Tehran. Despite the refusal of the authorities to give permission for the demonstration, more than two million people gathered in a massive rally in Azadi Avenue in support of Mir Hossein Mousavi and asked the cancellation of the presidential election of June 12, due to alledged information of massive fraud. Mousavi and the other reformist candidate, Mehdi Karoubi were also present in the cortege..Iran. Teheran. 15 juin 2009. Entree principale de l'Universite de Teheran. Selon des estimations plus de deux millions de personnes ont bravé dans le calme, sur l'avenue Azadi, l'interdiction de manifester imposé par les authorités, pour soutenir Mir Hossein Moussavi et contre la fraude electorale. Moussavi et l'autre candidat reformateur, Mehdi Karoubi, etait presents dans le cortege.