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Oil well fire fighters approach a burning oil well for capping. More than 500 oil wells were burning in Kuwait...Kuwait was invaded by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on August 2, 1990, claiming the oil-rich Kuwait as Iraqi territory. The small state of Kuwait owns almost 10% of the worldÕs oil reserves. After annexation, its monarchy was removed, and a new Kuwaiti governor was installed by Saddam Hussein...Approved by the UN Security Council, an American-led coalition fought the Gulf War to reinstall the Kuwaiti Emir. After 6 weeks of war in January/February 1991, Iraq was forced to retreat its troops from Kuwait. During withdrawal, the Iraqi army practiced a scorched earth policy by placing land mines and setting fire to Kuwaiti oil wells. The inferno took over nine months to extinguish; the costs to restore the Kuwaiti petrol infrastructure exceeded 5 billion US dollar.