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Inner Mongolia, Xilingol Meng, East Ujimqin Qi, Baiyinhumu Sumu, Baiyinzhuo'er Gacha, April 2007.Ba - Xidurigu (age 41) and his daughter Wurihan (age 8)...On the way of sending daughter Wurihan to school in the town of Wuliyasitai, Ba-Xidurigu and daughter Wurihan is waiting for the bus next to a dried up lake. The river of Wulagai that runs through here is the "life river" of Xilingol Grassland. It's the biggest inland river on the Inner Mongolia Plateau, originated in the west part of Mont. Se'erjibaogada in Daxing'anling, joined by 15 smaller rivers, travels 320 kilometer and covers an area of 28,000 square kilometer. The drainage area of  Wulagai river includes Hesigelawu, Halagaitu and Wulagai these three pastureland, as well as Huretuzhuo'er, Wulagai, Wenggen, Daotezhuo'er, Baolige and Wentgu these six sumus, irrigating 23.43% of grassland in East Ujimqin Qi..At the end of the 1970's, reservoirs were built on Wulagai River for fishery. After 1988, East Ujimqin grassland suffered from draughts year after year, the original rivers and lakes were drying up by the day. Under the influence of natural disasters, the Wulagai River gradually slimed down, until 2007, it completely ran out of water. The big river had no water, the small ones dried up as well, Wulagai river's each branch rivers were all out of water. These exhausted rivers and lakes are, Gaorihan river, Jigasutai River, Yinjigan River, Balaga'er River, Wuyoutu River, Jiruanbaola river, Chongyin River, Seye'erji river, Wunugan River, Xilin river, Chagan Lake, Tege Lake, Habutagai Lake, Yihe Lake, Huyin Lake and Daote Lake.