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AFGHANISTAN. KABUL. SEPTEMBER: The 7th Afghan National Theatre Festival took place from the 24th till 28th of September. Organized by Ministry of Information and Culture, Faculty of Fine arts, Theatre department, French Institute of Afghanistan, Goethe Institute Afghanistan and the British Council the Afghan National Theatre or form Kabul Faculty of Fine Arts Pyrus "Wall" and National Theatre "Burnt wishes" and Did Naw Theatre Unit "Angrz crps" and organization for science, culture and civil cociety of young Afghanistan "Return to oneself" and Bamika culture club "Jalil Khan and his son in low" and Parwaz puppet theatre "the story of the lion who coudn write" and maiel culture and art foundation "the devilish tempration" and faculty of fine arts " eyes in front of eyes" and azdar theatre " the little prince" , Balkh film union "our right" Kandahar maiwan film & shows "know your enemy" Ghazni official theatre group of ghazni "unrecitecl ghanal from a village" Sar-e-Pul anbir development society "where is the way of salvation", Bamyan bamika culture club "jalil khan and his son in low" Heart official theatre group of heart "the silent escret: Bakhlan sam film and theatre foundation "corruption" Ghoor hesam culture and art foundation "life in exile"  Khost khostai film "mother" Farah official theatre group of farah "the broken house"  Nangarhar theatre "unhappy man" and Tajekistan "one night without homeland" .