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Inner Mongolia, Xilingol Meng, East Ujimqin Qi, Daotezuo'er Town, Baiyintuga Gacha, April 2008.Wulanfu (age 64)...Wulanfu standing in front of her mud house, crossing her arms in front of her chest..The Mongolians on the grassland all have big kind hearts. Wulanfu is a kind-hearted woman. When the storm of "Cultural Revolution" hit the grassland, all the lamas in the temples were driven out; they had no children, no family to go to. the younger generation who lived on the grassland brought lamas back to their own homes and took care of them. The twenty-three years old Wulanfu and husband E'erdeni brought senior lama Dage home, they had lived together for thirty years until Dage passed away..Wulanfu has 2 sons and 3 daughters, now she lives with first daughter-in-law, enjoy her happy life. She has 2 houses of her own, 121 sheep, 25 cattle and 6 horses. .