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France, Paris, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, April 2001. <br />
Visit of Massoud in France : in April 4th and 5th, 2001.<br />
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Invited by the European parliament, he came to pledge the Afghan peace. Massoud received by the french minister of Foreign Affairs, Hubert Vedrine (seen from behind). At the back, Doctor Abdullah Abdullah, the afghan gouvernement's foreign minster came with him. <br />
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France, Paris, Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Avril 2001.<br />
Visite du commandant Massoud en France : les 4 et 5 avril 2001.<br />
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Invite par le Parlement europeen, il vint plaider pour la paix en Afghanistan. Massoud recu par le ministre des Affaires Etrangeres, Hubert Vedrine (de dos). Au fond, le Docteur Abdullah Abdullah, le ministre afghan des Affaires Etrangeres l'accompagne.