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SEHWAN SHARIF, PAKISTAN - SEPTEMBER, 2006: Portrait of a newly became dervish (malang) holding a goat, and his elder fellow, on Sehwan's street. Those who newly integrate a sufi brotherhood have to shave all the hairs of their body in significance of a newly born man. Devotees of different sect of religion  chose different cloting. Some dervishes known as malangs and followers of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, wear red as he was wearing red all his life. A 13th century Sufi Master, he worshiped alike by Hindus and Muslims. Born as Seyed Shah Hussain (Usman) Marandi, he later on titled as Lal (red) Shahbaz ( Falcon) Qalandar (as he belonged to Qalandria order of sufism).